Designed for comfort and simplicity. The Catamaran is made of two equally sized parts that support one another coming together into a strong lounger. The back braces offer subtle curves that flex and hug your back while sitting offering support from your lower back all the way up. The two halves of the chair can easily be collapsed and be carried or hooked together to be stowed away for the harsh winters. This is the perfect chair for the outdoor lifestyle. It is matched well with the collapsing side table, which can also be used as a comfortable foot rest.

Hand finished with a homemade mixture of polyurethane, boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits. The finish is then polished with a homemade beeswax/walnut oil combination which adds a nice sheen and smooth feel to the wood. This provides a durable finish that allows the wood’s natural  beauty to shine through.

Chair measure approximately 32” tall by 40” length and 17-1/2" backrest width. Seat is 17-1/2" wide by 15" deep.

Side table 15x20” Top and sits 17” tall  

Available in Mahogany, ash, beech, walnut, maple and other fine woods or combinations of woods.

*NEW features include modified back braces, backrest width and chair seat angle for additional comfort.